Scary, Nervous, Unknown, are some of the words people use to describe the beginning of their actions and endeavors. The beginning marks the writing of a story untold, the journey that lies ahead, which to a few is where something great can be achieved and success can be attained. The Clarence Henningham brand is no different; we have a team of young, optimistic, business-minded individuals that take pride in the process of building a great brand, great products, and great customer service.

The idea for the Clarence Henningham brand came to be by wanting to satisfy a common need. The need to save time, the need to be more efficient, which has become crucial in our fast pace world. Instead of going to different stores and websites, you have the option of buying quality merchandise at ease through our website. You can match your garments anyway you like. So if that means matching your socks and tie, or bow-tie and cuff links, you determine what makes you Professionally Paired. Our titles and names do not determine our professionalism but the way we go about our actions and endeavors do. So follow us, grow with us, be a part of a brand, a community and lifestyle. A Professionally Paired lifestyle.