Endless Endeavors
By Dave Henningham

Throughout our lives, we have all had endless endeavors. To explain what endless endeavors mean, you must first understand the actual words, which by definition is “the attempt to achieve a goal” without limit. From wanting to be doctors, fireman and police officers in our younger stage, to getting a part-time jobs and internships, or starting your own business, our desires and wants may have changes but achieving our goals has remained. In life we make decisions to achieve our goals, whatever they may be, that’s what sets you apart, the tenacity and will to achieve through obstacles and doubt.

The most influential and fascinating people to us can all tell us how they got to the point of their individual success, we can read and study other peoples methods, but your individual journey trying to attain success is unique to you, making it priceless. Embrace it, through the bad times, never be too down and through the good times never be too high and excited. Try to find balance in whatever you do, that way you can appreciate your hard work without losing yourself. Once you achieved your goal or goals, its on to more goals and achievements. That is what growth is all about, achieving, reflecting and pushing for higher and for better. This is also what makes our Endeavors Endless .