Confusing “Can’t” with not wanting to do something.
By Dave Henningham

All of our life’s, we and our peers have made excuses at some point. As valid as they maybe, we have all succumbed to using an excuse when a goal or task has not been achieved. Excuses makes us feel better, they act as a crutch against accountability and responsibility but even more they may be used to protect our feelings and ego. To some it’s routine, to others it goes against everything they believe, each persons perception on a excuse may be different but the fact remains that an excuse is a reason why a goal, action or position was not reached.

With that being said, let’s get to the message trying to be conveyed, we have told ourselves we “can’t” do things since the beginning of time, “I can’t do math”, “I can’t learn Spanish “, “I can’t speak to a large crowd”, the list goes on. Now think of the brilliant people in technology, law, sports, politics and science, where would they be if they fell victim to thinking they “can’t”?. Instead of saying you “can’t” achieve or do something, the right thing to say is "you don’t want to". You should say you don’t want to do math because you don’t want to apply yourself, or you don’t want to speak to a large crowd because you get shy and nervous. We all have the ability to achieve our goals, we all have a beautiful and the tenacity to be the best in our endeavors, the word “can’t” is the root of an excuse, so be honest with yourself and others and say you don’t want to rather than you can’t, this way those that “want to” will find a way and will achieve.