Clarence Henningham
For the Bold, Brave person in each of us!

The Clarence Henningham brand was created to make shopping more efficient with a different style never seen before. A brand that truly puts customers first and helps people realize that being professional isn’t a destination you reach but a way of life.

Clarence Henningham was not just founded to represent style, future and the collective, but to represent a lifestyle, a ProfessionallyPaired lifestyle. This brand seeks to bring together a community of like-minded individuals with our products. The Clarence Henningham brand has a simple mission of providing quality causal and professional business garments for the bold and brave person in each of us.

Whatever your business may be, we are all bold and brave in our own right. The Clarence Henningham brand is here to serve the conscious and mindful. Our team is based in South Florida since our start in 2013; follow us, as we give you a look inside a brand for the people.